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A semi-complete list of publishers who accept electronic submissions

College Football Research Library

A handy research source for people who want to learn more about college football and college football history

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Homestar Runner
A remarkable breakthrough in cartoons! It's called "humor".

The Onion
News satire at its finest.

The Comics Curmudgeon
A man gripes about how unfunny the comics are. Funnier than the actual comics.

The Best Page in the Universe
The man, the myth, the pirate, Maddox.

David Fong
An old friend. Old friends get links in this neighborhood.

Odd Todd
The continuing adventures of a man who got laid off in the dot-com bust.

The Straight Dope
The smartest man in the universe answers questions you never knew you had.


Want to know how many people have visited this site since February of 2005?

Neither do I.

Alex Meske: Continuing the Mistake of Thinking for Myself

If you enjoy, it is because it is entertaining. If you laugh, it is because it is funny. If you learn something, you have only yourself to blame.

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Arts & Entertainment

Understanding Verbs: Active and Passive Voice, Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road -or- A Perfectly Good Joke Ruined, How to Write an English Paper, Of Course Frey Lied, He Wanted to Get Published, Didn't He?, Live 8's Message to the People of the World: You're All Useless, The New Entertainment, The Internet and Literature, Eulogy Upon Douglas Adams


The Depressed Man & History, The Fall of Rome: A Political Explanation, The Military Genius of Ulysses S. Grant, The Tragedy of Socrates


A Video Christmas Card to You

College Football (and Other Sports)

From Cleveland, To God, Highland Games 2009 - My Story, What I Love About College Football, What the Hell Am I Going to Do Without My Olympic Curling Coverage?, The Coming Season, Offensive Mascots: Who are they Offending, Really?


Why You're Going to Screw Up Your Retirement Fund Again, Why I Don't Care About Other Peoples' Money, What Do Economists Do?, Articles I Thought About Writing, But Didn't, Baby Boomers and Drugs, How Do We Know John Seigenthaler Sr. Didn't Kill Kennedy?, Important Update: Americans Bored By Actual News, I Should Start a Blog, Offensive Mascots: Who are they Offending, Really?, If You Think Foreigners are Stealing American Jobs, Get Over Here and Mow My Lawn, Mail-Order


What Do Economists Do?, If You Think Foreigners are Stealing American Jobs, Get Over Here and Mow My Lawn

Ugh, Politics

Why I Don't Care About Other Peoples' Money, Fixing Healthcare: The Simplest and Most Effective Step

Travelogues and Travel Writing